Dress Like A Libra

How To Dress Like A Libra

Libra fashion style is all about balance, sophistication and elegance. It is the perfect balance between classic and modern, and is perfect for those who want to look stylish and put together without going over the top. Libra fashion style is all about finding the right balance between the colors, silhouettes, and accessories to look your best. Whether you’re dressing for a formal occasion or just want to look your best every day, Libra fashion style can help you achieve your goals. Here are some tips on how to dress like a Libra and look your best.

Dress Like A Virgo

How To Dress Like A Virgo

Virgo fashion style is all about sophistication and classic elegance. It is a style that is timeless and natural, yet still modern and stylish. Virgos are known for their practicality, precision and eye for detail, which means their style is often minimalistic and classic. They often keep their color palettes neutral, and opt for high-quality fabrics and well-made pieces. When it comes to dressing like a Virgo, it is all about keeping it simple and timeless.

The Most Beautiful Androgynous Haircuts For Women With Thick Hair

Women like to experiment with hairstyles. For a lady it is important to get new looks each day. Women like to look romantic or determined. Each of this feeling can be expressed by a right hairdo.

Today, females like to feel independence. Because of this they often choose androgynous hairstyles. Hairstyles like this will suit both a man and a woman. Discover beautiful androgynous haircuts for females=&0=&


There are many androgynous ideas to choose from. It is important that a woman understands clearly what type of look she wants to create. Here are some of the most impressive haircuts:

    • Extra-short pixie haircut with low fade. This is a hairstyle that will go well for determined women. Such a hairdo will be perfect to wear with a business suit. Low fade helps to make this  hairstyle looking even more masculine. One of the main benefits of such hairdo is that it is very easy to style.
      • Low fade hair with a short quiff. It is a fine hairdo for stylish women. This haircut will go well with casual clothes. If a females dyes a quiff in a bright or dark color it make this hairdo even more impressive. Such a hairdo needs to be carefully styled everyday. For that purpose it is good to use gel.
        • Low fade hair with a braid in a center. It is quite an unusual idea. Women who like extraordinary looks will definitely like such image. It looks both minimalistic and feminine.
          • Androgynous hairdo with undercut. It is one of the most stylish androgynous haircuts for women with thick hair. This hair will be perfect to wear for everyday. It will also be a fine hairdo to visit special events. If a woman wants to make this hairdo even more stylish, it is good to add spiky tips. They will make this hairdo looking even more impressive.
            • Medium fade cut with fringe. This is right hairdo for women who are very self-confident. The contrast between medium size fade and long bangs will definitely look splendid. It is a perfect hairdo to wear with casual clothes.
              • Pompadour. It is a classic type of androgynous hairstyles. This is very easy to style haircut. It is a great hairstyle idea for women who like comfort. Such a hairstyle is ideal to wear for work. It looks very accurately.
                • Pixie with side-swept bangs. This is an ultimate solution for females who want to keep a right balance between masculinity and femininity. Bangs will make this hairdo looking very feminine. To individualize this hairstyle even more, it is a good idea to get side-swept bangs. It will look extraordinary.
                  • Medium fade with long parted fringe. It is a right hairstyle idea for females with a fine sense of style. Medium fade will look perfect with parted long parted fringe. Such hairdo is fine to wear with business suits or evening dresses.
                  • Fade cut and bantu knot haircut. It is a fine hairstyle idea for fashionable females. Fade cuts makes a hairdo looking very masculine. Tiny bantu knots in the center of a head add femininity to this haircut. Such a combination will look memorable.

                  Such androgynous hairstyles look finely. They permit to create a good look. What is important you can always have a different hairdo. The more hairdos you try, the more interesting a personal style will become. Try to always innovate a personal look. That will help you to live more interesting.

The Most Outstanding Black Hair With Purple Streaks Hairstyles

There are many ways to create a unique hairstyles. One of the best ways to get an extraordinary hairdo is to find fresh solutions on hues of hair. Today there are many coloring techniques that will help to individualize each hairstyle.

Young females usually choose bright hair tones. If a female likes such colors, it is good to tone only some strands on the hairstyle. If something unusual is what one strives for, one can choose black hair with purple streaks hairstyles.


If you would like to individualize dark hair, getting purple streaks is a fine option. Here are different ways of how to create a unique hairstyle with such type of tone:

  • Dark purple zig zag pattern. It is a great hair idea for women of every age. Dark strands are colored in purple. Though, coloring in this hairdo helps to create certain pattern. Purple zigzag on dark hair will look splendid. It will help to individualize every type of look.
  • Dark hair with light violet strands. It is a good option for those women who like hue contrast. Dark hair will perfectly contrast with light purple strands. Such toning will help to create a fashionable look. It is a good idea to wear some light violet tones in clothes as well. Hairstyle and clothes will harmonize perfectly.
  • Massive violet highlights on dark strands. It is one of the most popular hairdos  female can get. Wide violet strips will look beautiful on dark hair. If a woman wants to create a charming look, it is good to get dark violet toning. The contrast between dark strands and violet highlighting will be not that strong.
  • Half dark, half violet coloring. It is quite a fine hairstyle idea for women who like to impress. Half dark, half violet coloring will be idea to create minimalistic looks. If a woman gets such toning it will show she is a very determined female.
  • Light and dark violet stripes on dark locks. Violet tone definitely has many beautiful tones. It is a good idea to color strands in both light and intense colors. This will make a hairdo looking more interesting. If you would like to get such coloring you have to visit a hairdresser. He will choose right shades of violet for you.
  • Dark hair with neon purple strands. It is a fine hair coloring for women who like neon tone. They look very beautifully and intense. Such hair coloring will help to create a fine modern and dynamic look.  Neon violet highlighting will visually make hair more voluminous.
  • Blue and purple strands. If a woman is not afraid to experiment she should mix tones. Mixing blue and violet is a very good idea. A contrast between these colors is not that big. That is why the whole hairdo will look quite harmoniously.
  • Purple ombre strands. Ombre coloring is one of the most popular coloring techniques today. If a female gets purple ombre, violet tone should be evenly distributed on strands. Ombre purple will look impressive.

These are the most beautiful hairstyle with violet shades. Think carefully which one you like most. Choose the most attractive one.

The Most Appealing Black And White Lily Tattoo Ideas

Getting a right tattoo design is very important. Tattoos are very symbolic. That is why it is important a man or a woman clearly understands what tattoo he or she wears.

Lily is a great type of tattoo pattern. Lily is a very tender flower. It is also very symbolic. Discover the most appealing black and white lily tattoo ideas.


There are many beautiful lily images you can find online. Each of them can potentially become a perfect tattoo pattern. Here are some of lily pattern you can try:

  • A flower on a lake. It is a very beautiful pattern to choose. If you would like to get an impressive image, you can get a contoured and retouched image. These two techniques will help to develop impressive images.
  • Black and white flower fully retouched. Men also like to get lily images on their hands. Though, they want a flower to look quite masculine. It is possible to achieve this if a tattoo is fully retouched.  Such a flower will look very appealing.
  • Colorful plant. Human creativity does not have any limits. It is always good to experiment with tattoo designs. One of the best ways to achieve it is get a pattern in different colors. Violet, blue or red are only some of colors that can make a lily look differently.
  • An image with many flowers. You can find out that a single lily and several ones are perceived differently. Multiple flowers image attracts more attention. They also look more feminine and delicate. It is a perfect lily design for females.

These are some of the most interesting flower patterns. It is quite hard to choose one. Think what emotion your lily has to express. It will be easier for you to get a right pattern.


The way an image will look on a body depends largely on the place where the flower is drawn. Here are some ideas where to place a lily:

  • On a wrist. It is an excellent place for this flower. If a lady gets such an image it will look splendid. If you decide to place an image this way, choose a small flower. It will look more delicate.
  • On a shoulder. This location can be a good option for both a man and a women. On shoulders this flower will be better visible. If you decide to draw it this way, make sure to get a large image.

Think carefully where to place a lily. If you choose a right location, a flower will help to create an ideal look. You can always create personal patterns. The chance you will like your own even more is high.

Get To Know Beautiful Light Blue And Silver Nails Designs

Nails design can be one of the most important features of female’s look. That is why it is necessary to get a perfect nail color. It is not that easy to choose one.

It is a good idea to use several colors when painting nails. Light blue and silver nails look absolutely perfect. They will help to finish a perfect everyday look.


Each nail design can shape a female look. That is why it is important to choose that patterns that perfectly reflect a style of a woman. Here are some fine blue and silver ideas:

  • Half black, half silver nails. This is a fine idea to combine colors in very simple ways. It is possible to visually divide a space in two. Than a female can cover part of area in blue and another part in silver. Such a design will look beautifully.
  • Blue basis and light tips. It is a great idea to color nails this way. Such a design will look very stylish and feminine. It’ll go particularly well for young females.
  • A moon and stars. This is a classic theme that many females would like to wear. Such a pattern looks tenderly. It will make hands looking very accurately. If you would like to try such a pattern you definitely have to visit a professional artist. Only he can create such a splendid design.
  • Geometrical figures in different tones. It is another creative way to paint. Such a manicure will go well with everyday jeans clothes. It’ll be perfect though to wear with business suits.
  • Multicolour strips. It is a classic theme. Multicolour stripes immediately attract attention. It is a good idea to add additional color to such a design. You can add violet, if you like calm color palette. If you would like to make a manicure more expressive, you should add red or orange tones. This’ll make a design looking more impressive.
  • Blue and silver manicure with jewelry. It is always a good idea to decorate nails. The more decoration you use, the better it is. There are many tiny pieces of jewelry that you can fix on a nail. They’ll make a manicure looking more elegant. If you decide for such a design, make sure to fix decoration with a transparent color. This will prevent decorations from falling out.

These are some of the most creative manicure ideas. You can always develop your own pattern. Think what type of design you would like to get. Do not be afraid to experiment. You will then create a perfect nail design and look greatly.

Outfits with Black Wedges: How to Wear Wedges like a Pro

Cute and comfortable wedges have already replaced fashionable stilettos and open toe heel shoes for a lot of women. In the summer season, a floral dress and wedges go together like peas and carrots. The same way, you can perfectly match a pair of wedge boots and a warm coat in the fall. It is just a perfect combination, that is comfortable enough to wear it all day long.

Even if you are a fan of high heels and stilettos particularly, you’ll understand how easier it is to be outside all day long in something more comfortable but as cute and stylish as your favorite high heeled shoes.

So, how to find a perfect outfit combination with a pair of wedge shoes to make it work for you? How to match clothes to create a beautiful silhouette? And where to start from if there are so many options on the market?

What we recommend is starting with a pair of qualitative black wedges. Don’t go for green, yellow, printed, or decorated wedges if it is your first pair. Gor for something, which easy to style. Go for a classic black color. You can’t go wrong with it.

5 Outfit Ideas with Black Wedges

Do you know what Kate Middleton, Eva Mendes, Kate Beckinsale, and Charlize Theron have in common? All of them wear wedges a lot. So, why not to get one pair too?

  • To find the perfect outfits, which can be complemented with black wedges, you have to play with the wardrobe a little bit to see what works better. The first option is to wear a sheath dress in a warm grey tone and a pair of slim wedge shoes in black color. This look can be easily worn to the office.
  • The second outfit is a combination of a wrap dress in deep blue or green color and a pair of rivet wedge sandals in black. It is a very chic and elegant look, which can be worn on a daily basis.
  • For the next look, get a printed dress, which is a combination of darker and brighter colors and match it with a pair of simple black wedges. Don’t be afraid of such a crazy combination. Link the whole look with a bag of dark colors.
  • A pair of black wedges perfectly goes with a cocktail dress as well, even if it is a dress with an animal print or something like this. Wedges will balance the look.
  • And the last but not the least – finish black jeans and a blouse with a blazer outfit with a pair of wedges like Kate Middleton does.

Hopefully, you’ve already picked your favorite outfit with a pair of black wedge shoes too.