The Most Outstanding Black Hair With Purple Streaks Hairstyles

There are many ways to create a unique hairstyles. One of the best ways to get an extraordinary hairdo is to find fresh solutions on hues of hair. Today there are many coloring techniques that will help to individualize each hairstyle.

Young females usually choose bright hair tones. If a female likes such colors, it is good to tone only some strands on the hairstyle. If something unusual is what one strives for, one can choose black hair with purple streaks hairstyles.

Extraordinary Hair Ideas To Implement

If you would like to individualize dark hair, getting purple streaks is a fine option. Here are different ways of how to create a unique hairstyle with such type of tone:

  • Dark purple zig zag pattern. It is a great hair idea for women of every age. Dark strands are colored in purple. Though, coloring in this hairdo helps to create certain pattern. Purple zigzag on dark hair will look splendid. It will help to individualize every type of look.
  • Dark hair with light violet strands. It is a good option for those women who like hue contrast. Dark hair will perfectly contrast with light purple strands. Such toning will help to create a fashionable look. It is a good idea to wear some light violet tones in clothes as well. Hairstyle and clothes will harmonize perfectly.
  • Massive violet highlights on dark strands. It is one of the most popular hairdos  female can get. Wide violet strips will look beautiful on dark hair. If a woman wants to create a charming look, it is good to get dark violet toning. The contrast between dark strands and violet highlighting will be not that strong.
  • Half dark, half violet coloring. It is quite a fine hairstyle idea for women who like to impress. Half dark, half violet coloring will be idea to create minimalistic looks. If a woman gets such toning it will show she is a very determined female.
  • Light and dark violet stripes on dark locks. Violet tone definitely has many beautiful tones. It is a good idea to color strands in both light and intense colors. This will make a hairdo looking more interesting. If you would like to get such coloring you have to visit a hairdresser. He will choose right shades of violet for you.
  • Dark hair with neon purple strands. It is a fine hair coloring for women who like neon tone. They look very beautifully and intense. Such hair coloring will help to create a fine modern and dynamic look.  Neon violet highlighting will visually make hair more voluminous.
  • Blue and purple strands. If a woman is not afraid to experiment she should mix tones. Mixing blue and violet is a very good idea. A contrast between these colors is not that big. That is why the whole hairdo will look quite harmoniously.
  • Purple ombre strands. Ombre coloring is one of the most popular coloring techniques today. If a female gets purple ombre, violet tone should be evenly distributed on strands. Ombre purple will look impressive.

These are the most beautiful hairstyle with violet shades. Think carefully which one you like most. Choose the most attractive one.