The Most Appealing Black And White Lily Tattoo Ideas

Getting a right tattoo design is very important. Tattoos are very symbolic. That is why it is important a man or a woman clearly understands what tattoo he or she wears.

Lily is a great type of tattoo pattern. Lily is a very tender flower. It is also very symbolic. Discover the most appealing black and white lily tattoo ideas.

Interesting Lily Tattoo Ideas To Try

There are many beautiful lily images you can find online. Each of them can potentially become a perfect tattoo pattern. Here are some of lily pattern you can try:

  • A flower on a lake. It is a very beautiful pattern to choose. If you would like to get an impressive image, you can get a contoured and retouched image. These two techniques will help to develop impressive images.
  • Black and white flower fully retouched. Men also like to get lily images on their hands. Though, they want a flower to look quite masculine. It is possible to achieve this if a tattoo is fully retouched.  Such a flower will look very appealing.
  • Colorful plant. Human creativity does not have any limits. It is always good to experiment with tattoo designs. One of the best ways to achieve it is get a pattern in different colors. Violet, blue or red are only some of colors that can make a lily look differently.
  • An image with many flowers. You can find out that a single lily and several ones are perceived differently. Multiple flowers image attracts more attention. They also look more feminine and delicate. It is a perfect lily design for females.

These are some of the most interesting flower patterns. It is quite hard to choose one. Think what emotion your lily has to express. It will be easier for you to get a right pattern.

How To Find A Perfect Place For Tattoo

The way an image will look on a body depends largely on the place where the flower is drawn. Here are some ideas where to place a lily:

  • On a wrist. It is an excellent place for this flower. If a lady gets such an image it will look splendid. If you decide to place an image this way, choose a small flower. It will look more delicate.
  • On a shoulder. This location can be a good option for both a man and a women. On shoulders this flower will be better visible. If you decide to draw it this way, make sure to get a large image.

Think carefully where to place a lily. If you choose a right location, a flower will help to create an ideal look. You can always create personal patterns. The chance you will like your own even more is high.