How To Dress Like A Virgo

Virgo fashion style is all about sophistication and classic elegance. It is a style that is timeless and natural, yet still modern and stylish. Virgos are known for their practicality, precision and eye for detail, which means their style is often minimalistic and classic. They often keep their color palettes neutral, and opt for high-quality fabrics and well-made pieces. When it comes to dressing like a Virgo, it is all about keeping it simple and timeless.

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, which is ruled by the earth element and the planet Mercury. No one in the whole zodiacal constellation likes order and cleanliness as much as Virgo. Clutter and chaos can drive them into a cold rage, and their perfectionism often oversteps its bounds and is transformed into pedantry.

Virgo style preferences

Smart and businesslike, punctual and judicious, reliable and determined – Virgoes are perfect in their intellectual brilliance. You’ll easily recognize them as soon as you walk into the office of an international company. Virgo is easily identified by the perfect business suit, a shirt as white as the tops of the mountains, and heels of that height that deftly balances on the edge of business dress code and sexuality.

In most cases, Virgo chooses a business style. Strict, conservative and moderate – it best suits their character. Even those Virgo men who do not work in an office prefer to wear white shirts of classic cut with tight pencil skirts or straight pants with scuffed arrows. Virgins wear skirts and dresses, but most often they prefer the pants that best suit their energy.

What colors do they like

This sign is ruled by the earth element, that’s why its representatives are attracted to all shades of brown and green colors. Chocolate, coffee, chestnut, olive, grass-green – all these and many other shades will do, provided that they fit into the dress code. Astrologers say that all colors suit Virgo, so with the help of different clothing and accessories, they can achieve their goals in love and business. For example, lemon and Burgundy colors will add them energy and strength in business, pink – will make them more sentimental and tender in love.

Dress Like A Virgo

What’s the highlight of Virgo?

The highlight of the Devs’ image is the belt. It is the belt, not the neckline as in Cancer and the neck in Taurus, that will make their image complete. Virgo can experiment on the subject of the belt to infinity: intercept a thin belt around a dress-shirt or wear a wide belt in the man’s manner. But most of all they like belts made of exotic leather, which go perfectly with business suits and other accessories of a real businesswoman.

The perfect haircut

Virgo is one of those zodiac signs who like to hide their natural beauty behind artificial beauty. They build up their hair, add volume with chignons and various extensions, wear wigs. There is nothing wrong with this approach, because the hair attracts the energy transmitted by the cosmos, and if there are more of them, then the person receives more energy. The main thing is to find “your” hairdresser.

Preferences in makeup

Moderate in all things – Virgo use makeup only to hide flaws and emphasize the advantages, not to “redraw” the face. They take just enough foundation and concealer to hide enlarged pores and under-eye circles, but not to look like a doll. And then they add mascara and a little bit of eyebrow pencil, and that’s it; the perfect makeup is complete. They go for natural shades, shadows, blushes and lacquers with a satin sheen, a subtle and soft glow.

Fragrance Virgo

Chanel N5 is about them, about Virgo. Notes of citrus, bergamot, jasmine and rose “sound” elegant and do not leave a heavy trail. Virgo won’t tolerate vulgarity and kitsch, and will never pay attention to harsh, intoxicating fragrances. They would rather choose a tart perfume that disperses into the air than a flamboyant fragrance with a powerful trail.