Our Authors

Our authors and editors are some of the most unique talents in the industry. Our hiring process centers its focus on unbiased and genuine writers, those that are unwilling to be swayed by the big-money publishers of the gaming industry. The interest in video gaming, from PC to console to mobile, is strong in this group of motivated writers. Read more about Jump Button Mag here.

Kelly Regal

kellyregal jump button

Kelly was the first founder of the Jump Button online magazine, pioneering the direction and motives for the site. Since 2003, she has been working hard to keep the news outlet maintained and optimized for an ever-changing industry.

Joe Trey

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Joe is the longest tenured author currently writing for JBM. Writing on PC gaming specifically, with some special posts venturing out to consoles and computer tech, he has a vast range of knowledge and experience within the industry.

Kevin Il

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As the youngest current member, Kevin is the most avid gamer, playing ever since the NES days all the way to his now Playstation 4 and custom gaming desktop. With a degree in journalism, Kevin hopes to make some noise in the gaming world as a professional writer.

Steve West

steve west jumpbuttonSteve is the main editor of JB Magazine, though he does also work as a contributing and specialty author. Steve does a wonderful job keeping our articles structured.