Quantum Break Review: Months later

Hey all, Kevin here. I want to do a “months in review” post on Quantum Break, one of this year’s top early releases on the Xbox One. I figured why not take a look back at a game released earlier on and see how it aged. Besides, it has been on sale countless times and I have only now admittedly had the time to get to playing it. Figured it was a fun little thing I wanted to post.


The layout is simple. I will push out some positive things I liked as well as the negatives. Not so much of a review, but more like a simple analysis of the game to let you decide if it is worth purchasing nowadays. Way to keep the power to the players, huh? 🙂

Sweet graphics

It will pop out at you when you first play the game. I mean the game truly does look good. The Xbox does a great job rendering all the particles. The environments are very lively and the textures all look clean. The character models also are very life-like. While I did not have any trouble distinguishing the video game people to their TV-show counterparts (any kid will be able to do just that), they do look awfully similar and you have to admire the amazing facial and body physics employed by the artists at Remedy Entertainment.

Unique gameplay

The gameplay is really unique and something I have not seen in a while. Most AAA games stick with their tried and tested formula (read: Call of Duty), not that that is a bad thing. Just, as a consumer of many, many video games, I love seeing big developers and publishers try out something totally different and make a real franchise out of that. Quantum Break is something I truly feel can be that franchise that keeps changing things up.

The abilities you have to distort time are pretty fun.

Unique… everything

Just the whole game is unique compared to others. For starters, it is only half a game. A lot of your time will be spent watching the TV episodes, which are not bad either. I love the attempt at something completely different from the norm and I just admire the effort in all honesty.


Now with the things I did not like too much.

Loose gunplay

The first thing I noticed when playing was how unpolished the actual combat was. I understand the basics of cover shooting, having mastered Gears of War on the Xbox One. But in Quantum Break, my guy Jack goes from cover, to insanely quickly moving into a shooting stance. It seems abnormal and feels way too quick. Also the aiming felt off.

Lack of weapon variety

The weapon variety is something I noticed a lot of people complain about. There are the standard pistols, subs, carbines, shotguns, and then machine guns. There seems to only be one of each weapon type and no weapon, as far as I recall, does anything different than other shooting games. But I will admit that the combat is not what makes the game.

Needs more connection between TV show and game

Often times during the story I just felt a disconnect between the TV episodes and the game. Also, one thing I will suggest for the next game (hopefully there will be another since this game in my opinion is something I want more of) is make players feel more part of the show. I don’t want to control a character I have no idea who he is. I want to be him and then when it turns into the TV episode, I want to have that desire to change the outcome. I want that feeling I get from other TV shows where I want the outcome to change because of things I did. In Quantum Break, it just felt like I was just making choices and the story would shift entirely because of that.

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