What to Expect This Gaming Holiday

What to Expect This Gaming Holiday

We are moving closer and closer to the holiday season, and that means we are moving closer to the gaming season. This is when most of the great games come out. This is the time period publishers look to launch their games because of how many people will have free time to enjoy gaming as a hobby. Also, we can’t ignore the fact that it is buying season, and video games, consoles, and accessories are very common gifts to family members and friends.

What can we expect for things to go down in the coming months? Most of these are speculation but there may be solid truths to them.

Xbox One and Playstation 4 price drops

The consoles have now been out for three years, can you believe it? These guys are historic figures in the gaming world, and they are about 3 years in their lifetime. With the announcement of the PS Neo (Joe’s thoughts here), we can expect the PS4 to drop in price, even subtly. Maybe we get a solid deal that drops it a lot or we get a smaller deal that is more permanent. Who knows. But as the season continues, Sony and Microsoft are both pressured to make their consoles even more accessible to the general gaming community.

This gaming season is pivotal in the Xbox One's sales progress
This gaming season is pivotal in the Xbox One’s sales progress

Surprise game announcements

We have had surprise game announcements come in this time of year before. Mainly, this creates uncontrollable hype around a game and takes advantage of the “shock” factor so consumers are willing to buy it immediately. Maybe we gamers get remasters of older games that we have been asking for all this time?

The launch of blockbuster titles

We have known about many titles for a long time now. October through December are generally when those huge AAA titles from big publishers drop. We have Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare coming out along with its Modern Warfare remaster addon. We also have another year of sports titles, hopefully including much upgraded versions to NBA 2k and the Madden franchise. We also have the much-anticipated Battlefield game coming out this season as well.

There is a lot of excitement for these months. We all await the days these games come out and we can finally play them. After all, we have been waiting months to get our hands on them.

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