August Games with Gold

I am obviously not good at keeping up with these Games With Gold posts, but whatever. I will post July’s one just in case because I know a lot of people come by and still don’t redeem their Gold games. I mean you are paying real money every year for it, so might as well claim everything there is to claim.

Last month, June, we got some fun games. Goat Simulator, Super Meat Boy, The Crew, and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The month before that, we also got a couple fun games that I have been playing as well.

This month is also pretty good. Check out the list below.

  • Spelunky, Aug. 1-15
  • WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Ultimate, Aug. 1-31
  • Beyond Good & Evil HD, Aug. 16-31
  • WWE 2k16, Aug. 16 – Sep. 15

I am most excited for WWE, as I have actually looked forward to buying it. I love sports games and the WWE was a favorite of mine growing up, so this month is a good one for me.

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