June’s PS4 Game List

June’s PS4 Game List

Close to the end of the month, I plan on doing reflection posts where I am taking a look at all the games that came out this month, examining especially close the ones I actually got to play or witness, and say some blurbs about them. But first, a shameless plug on my last post if you haven’t read it already. Insomniac and Sony did the gamers well and their actions are some that I wish to see more of in the gaming industry. Also, amid all the new talk of the “PS4K”, here is Joe’s well-explained piece on why the hate for the new console needs to go away.

Carmageddon: Max Damage

This one is surprisingly one I have been waiting on for a while. I used to play all the older Carmageddon games and the simple gameplay of running over people to win was so satisfying as a gaming adult. Like how people enjoy the extreme violence of Mortal Kombat, I enjoy the authority of riding a big vehicle and mowing down enemies.

Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator

After you get used to the ridiculous name, Guilty Gear is actually a good game. I went into it after being hesitant because games of this type are usually not what I play. Revelator was a fantastic addition to the GG series.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

I will admit I never got to playing Catalyst this month. I have been so busy with work, Ratchet and Clank (mentioned above), and the other games that I did play from this list. From what I hear from Joe, though, it is a fun game that improves on its first person combat.

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky was easily my favorite release in June. Ever since Hello Games released the announcement trailer two and a half years ago (wow, seriously look at the release date of the trailer video below!) I have been hooked. I waited all this time, but never really read what others had to say before it released. I’m glad I did because the experience has been major gold for me.

Rocket League: Collector’s Edition

I had to. Rocket League is the best indie game I have played in my life. It is easily the best PS Plus game, at least for the PS4 lineups, that has ever been released and Psyonix definitely deserves my money.

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