Opinion: Developers Working Together is Only for the Good

Opinion: Developers Working Together is Only for the Good

A recent story came out in the wake of Blizzard’s so-far-so-good shooter Overwatch, regarding how Treyarch developers helped them refine and retouch the shooting mechanics for the game. While there might be some noise, especially from publishers, about developers working with a potentially rival game, I feel it can only be right for the gaming industry.

Helping each other in the industry is beneficial:

So why are they beneficial? Take a look at a few reasons I see and hope dev teams look at so we see it more often.

Games get done faster

With more developers and experienced talent, games can get done faster. Treyarch has some of the most experienced individuals at their helm, so having some of their employees come into the office of Blizzard and get some work done for them only helps Overwatch become a game that ships out on time. In an industry where release dates are consistently pushed back, this can help combat that.

Games get done better

Piggybacking off the last point, games can get done better as well. The whole point of bringing that Treyarch dev in was to get the shooting mechanics right. Blizzard obviously didn’t want Overwatch to become a sellout game to make a quick buck. This is a new franchise they are introducing and everything needs to be done correctly. What better way to do that than to bring in some folks that have years of perfecting the shooting aspect of video games?

Black Ops III’s mechanics have become so tight and rewarding that people always post videos on improving aim, basically spending much of their gametime improving their craft. Check this video gameplay compared to other shooters and you have to admit that it is incredibly fun shooting guns in COD games.

Free press

How about this publishers? One of the best things of the industry is just how much media coverage we have nowadays. Look at Twitch, how many streamers are giving publishers free advertising by displaying their video games to millions of players. News outlets, like Gamespot (linked above), IGN, and Jump Button Magazine (yours truly), are writing about events like these. Blizzard Entertainment gets free exposure. Treyarch gets free exposure. Both Overwatch and Black Ops III even get mentions as video game titles. People talk about this in the comments and on social media.

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