May’s Games with Gold

May’s Games with Gold

A while ago, Kelly kindly reminded us to pick up May’s lineup for Playstation Plus, since many of us gamers get so involved with the games we actually purchase that we forget to claim the games that are entitled to us from our gaming subscriptions. I got some requests from fans to also do a quick Games With Gold lineup post so people remember to also pick those up. It may be a little late (you can still get them until the end of this month) but at least I will be helping those that forgot.

Even for a 360 game, Grid 2 still looks outstanding
Even for a 360 game, Grid 2 still looks outstanding

Don’t forget to claim:

  • Defense Grid 2 for Xbox One
  • Costume Quest 2 for Xbox One
  • Grid 2 for Xbox 360
  • Peggle for Xbox 360

Defense Grid 2 is an excellent strategy video game, so don’t discount it by just watching gameplay. Costume Quest is definitely interesting and may be for different audiences, but still give that a try. It comes with your subscription!

Grid 2 for the 360 is nothing related to Defense Grid 2. I got a kick out of that when we noticed this specific month had two titles that were very similar yet couldn’t be anymore far apart. Grid 2 is a racing game, while Defense Grid 2 is a tower defense. Both are equally fun in their own right. Peggle, I personally have no words to say, but there are dedicated fans to it. Enjoy the month.

Tip: If you have been stashing your Games With Gold games but haven’t kept up with which ones you’ve played or which ones are in your backlog, I use this excellent resource by Wikipedia. It conveniently lists out every game that ever came out for GWG. Wikipedia also has a similar list for PS+.

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