The Division’s In-Game System Is Messed Up

The Division’s In-Game System Is Messed Up

I have been one of the people that still play The Division, which released in March. Since then, though, Ubisoft has been having trouble trying to keep the game’s infrastructure in a solid state. Players report bug glitches, player deletion, and a whole myriad of issues.

Among those issues is the cheating that is taking place. People are exploiting the many bugs within the game to progress faster, find better items quicker, and sometimes killing other users more efficiently.

Edit: Ubisoft has since taken action, we found. They have imposed strict rules for cheaters: if found using glitches to progress their in-game characters, cheaters will be suspended from the game for 2 weeks. Second-time cheaters, though, will be banned from the game for life, regardless of the degree of cheating.

That level of strictness is serious coming from Ubisoft. Hopefully the glitchers stop using those bugs and actually play within the game. Also, we are hoping that Ubisoft comes with a more permanent solution than just banning cheaters; something like actually improving the infrastructure of the game so it has less things to exploit would be nice.

A short video showing how bad the video game bug is:

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One thought on “The Division’s In-Game System Is Messed Up

  • Good post. Hate how cheaters are taking advantage of this. I am considering writing a post on the recent Blizzard + Overwatch banning news.

    If anyone has not heard about it, Blizzard is banning players caught cheating on the first offence. Serious stuff.


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