My Favorite Jumping Moment

My Favorite Jumping Moment

In light of Jump Button Mag relaunching, I’ve decided to play around with our name and look at my favorite moment pressing the jump button. Now before you write this off as a ridiculous post, keep in mind how amazing some gaming moments turn out to be. There are a ton of great sequences, whether they be time-initiated, in a fighting duel, or simply a crazy maneuver that wasn’t supposed to happen.

My favorite moment of jumping in video games so far has to be in Tomb Raider, the 2013 reimagining of the original game. First off, I want to say that Square Enix did a wonderful job on that game. How great were the graphics, action sequences, and puzzles of that game?

In Tomb Raider, I remember a precise moment I lept as Lara Croft and so graciously did so. It was near the core part of the campaign. At that time I had spent nearly a full hour trying to solve a puzzle that Enix had lobbed up for me. I did everything I could think of, from hooking my climbing tool on a rock ledge, swimming back and forth between areas hoping to find a clue, or just exploring that same old island I was in at the time. Then I saw a climbable cliff and knew it had to be that. I walked toward it on the mountain I already was on, and noticed the controller rumbling.

Lara's near-death sequences in game are so intense and memorable
Lara’s near-death sequences in game are so intense and memorable

I didn’t see any graphical hints that anything was going to happen, just the controller vibrating. Then I saw Lara running ever so desperately toward the cliff, grasping her climbing object. It was so intense, just running toward that cliff. Then I did it. I was prompted to jump immediately as the ground below me fell to bits, and Lara made an epic leap of faith.

She grabbed her hook, latched onto the rock, and was saved so closely that I felt so relieved my character didn’t fall into that bottomless pit.

It is moments like this that make me truly appreciate the art of gaming. Moments that lead me to write stories about them years after playing. It was just a simple button press, the jump button, but yet I remember most of the details so clearly. What an epic adventure that leap was, and what an even stronger journey that entire game turned out to be.

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7 thoughts on “My Favorite Jumping Moment

  • Awesome. Loved the Tomb Raider reboot and currently playing through the Rise of the Tomb Raider game from last year on my XB1. Fantastic story-telling and action scenes.

    • I agree. The story was great but it was the gripping action sequences that kept me coming back for more. How are you liking RotTr so far? I just finished the campaign this morning and let me tell you, it is mind-blowing through and through.

      • I’m not OP but I am also running through the second TR game. Enjoying it right now and I love how Microsoft sealed the deal to secure exlusivity even for a little bit on Xbox. (Sorry PS players) but yeah it’s so gripping

  • Should I get Rise of the tomb Raider for $20? Have not played the last game so I’m not sure if I’ll like this new XB1 exclusive

    • Rise of the Tomb Raider for $20 is a very good deal. It has been out a while now but it’s such a good game that at $20 I would purchase it (physical copy of course).

      • Responding to my old comment,

        RoTR will be launching on PS4 soon! Exclusive to the PS4 digital store, preorder it and you also get the original Tomb Raider reboot. Enjoy!


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