Opinion: Playstation Neo is Good

Opinion: Playstation Neo is Good

There have been countless, countless posts all over the United States (and some Reddit posts worldwide) raging over the leaked news that a new Playstation 4 console was hitting the market despite the success of its current model. People have claimed that it is a slap in the face to original console purchasers, while others hate the idea of having to upgrade to a newer model console when they shouldn’t have to.

The point is, Sony has not made any new friends with this little project they have going on.

Well, I am here to try to see the light in Sony’s big move. Now, let it be said that I am not endorsing their move entirely, as I do see recognize why fans are infuriated with such a business decision. However, I am here to attempt to see why a company would make a move as bold as this one and risk separating their fanbase further.

The Neo will not separate PS4 and PS4.5 users

It just will not happen. Sony authorities even confirmed that developers will be restricted from giving new console owners an advantage or a hidden feature that PS4 users are unable to access. In short, PS4 users will get the exact same content (minus whatever upgrades the Neo holds in hardware). There will not be exclusive cosmetic items or features specifically for the PS4.5, nor will there be any exclusive games whatsoever.

You don’t have to buy it

This is not a required purchase. Sony is not marketing it as the next console, nor are they encouraging existing users to buy it for an arbitrary reason like “the PS4 is outdated. You need this console now.” That would be highly unprofessional and quite frankly, is just not what the Neo is intended for.

Instead, the Neo targets a specific crowd: the 4K fanatics or the Playstation VR early adopters. Without a doubt, the Playstation 4 simply will not be able to play those games consistently and I see this as Sony’s solution for that hardware gap.

It may lengthen the overall PS4 lifespan

Yes, you read that right. So how come an updated console can breath extra life to its older counterpart? Because in all technicality, they are still the same console. The PS4.5, whatever you want to call it, is still within the Playstation 4 mainframe. And like I mentioned above, the PS4.5 will not include anything in it that the Playstation 4 will not be able to run.

Any game developed for the PS Neo will be able to run on the Playstation 4, meaning developers would have to give way to those owners several years down the line. When it is time for the PS4 to be considered outdated, the 4.5 will still exist, and because developers would still create video games for that console, they are required to also create it for the PS4.

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9 thoughts on “Opinion: Playstation Neo is Good

  • Excellent post. I agree that the backlash on Neo is way undeserved but you made some good points that I haven’t seen in any other blog about how the console is actually beneficial

      • I have seen that argument before and honestly it is a valid one. Still, I don’t necessarily see Sony trying to split the userbase here. They seem like they just want a more power-efficient console for those that want it. I am so thankful they are not making any exclusive features on the Neo so at least us PS4 users get to stay sane!

  • If i’m currently on the Xb1 platform, do you suggest I consider buying a PS Neo? Have been looking into getting the Playstation 4 for a bit now but with this news I don’t know which to get

    • Joe is currently busy, but I will let him know of your comment. He should reply shortly since he knows more about this than I do.

      Thanks Kennedy

    • Hi Kennedy,

      Sorry it took me a while to get back to you, and I want to thank Kelly for mentioning I was out for the meantime. Regarding the PS Neo, I personally do not think purchasing it is the best option. I mean, of course it is a great choice either way because you will be owning a Sony system.

      But economically, the PS4 is just cheaper and more sensible to buy. I know it may seem mixed here (I still very much think the Neo is good for the industry), but for a consumer if you don’t have the money, I say stick with the tried and tested Playstation 4. However, if you do have the budget and are willing to pay full price again for a new console, the Neo looks solid.

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