Site Relaunched 2016

Site Relaunched 2016

Jump Button Mag has relaunched as of April 2016. After a brief hiatus, our manager and original founder Kelly Regal chose to give JB Mag another breath, refreshing the life of a true gaming news outlet. While our break will be under wraps for now (team decision), we are incredibly proud and happy to bring back the unfiltered, unbiased Jump Button network that has been keeping it real since 2003.

Updated in our online magazine is a cleaner and more stylish theme, a faster load time (improved hosting), new authors, and a like feature. Please note: while we do have multiple authors, we still also have full-time jobs on the side. This project does not surround its goal around profit and so we can only blog whenever we have the time. Thank you so much for reading and staying loyal to our online magazine.

Please read more on our About page and also meet our revamped staff! Need to reach us about anything? We will be answering both technical or business inquiries, or just general gaming industry questions! We are proud of ourselves for keeping a friendly and transparent relationship with our loyal fanbase. Contact us here.

Here is to a happy and long-tenured online magazine!

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